Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mind, Body, Soul

Truth is searched for dilligently, but often the small moments of epiphany come at unexpected times. I am realising the compexity of our creation. How there is Holy synergy between mind, body and soul. Perhaps this mirrors how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit work together. Where one of our parts feel pain, so does the others.

I have a place I can go where they help weave my jagged places smooth again.

They wove back the place where my voice was taken from. When I learnt to speak with less fear of condemnation, I found my voice was there to use.

They wove back the place where the value of womanhood was stolen from. Being less for being feminine. My womb itself wept. As I learnt how to value my God created identity, my womb became a cradle for gifts from Heaven.

They wove back the place where strength was taken from my back. As I learnt to live out from under the burdens of shame, guilt and fear I was able to stand straight and be strong.

As each thought is given credence and examined, and placed in the right space, grace is flowing over and healing all of me. I am being un-broken and woven back together. My bones are knit in the Holy place by the one who knit them in the beginning. He whispers to me with His breath that gave me Life.


  1. You are a beautifully gifted writer! I'm so glad you shared your secret place with me :) God bless you sister in Christ! May full healing be yours!

  2. Thank you so much Mel.

    This one is about the help I got in healing with my lovely kiniesiologists.

  3. oh this is beautiful!
    womb weeping :: womb cradling
    gifts from heaven.

    you yourself in the womb of the Holy.