Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ivory Towers

It took me a long time to know a name.I was raised in an ivory tower, but I did not even know that until I'd reached the awkward age.That time you're transtioning into adulthood.One foot still in the place where you hope for fairytales, seeking a lifeline to swing from the tower without falling.

I wasn't isolated in the physical, but the mind and soul were barricaded by thoughts from the GUARDIANS AGAINST THE WORLD.The world was anyone not us.

Our feet wandered the streets of normal (in the narrow paths) but it was eons before the eyes of the heart saw it.The guardians were thorough in their zeal to protect us from the world.Fear was their greatest tool.

I was thirteen when I heard a're a cooneyite ! My parents denial did not ring Truth but created more chasms to swing across.The paradox of misguided religion;being controlled by having your self-ness annihilated, but also through the belief of being special because no-one else holds the keys to the Kingdom door.

I was thirty three before I knew it was a cult.I'd always had inklings of grace and I know Father was keeping my soul intact for some reason.I am waiting still on the manifested purpose of my Be-ing.I lost so many that played in the ivory towers with me.Lost them to the depths of their pain, shame, and the betrayal of the guardians.

My body, mind, and being were neither cherished nor validated by the guardians.All offence was to be hidden from any eyes that might penetrate the Tower, hidden for the good of their religion.But Gods' amazing, sacred grace sheltered my soul.I was fragmented but He is restoring.

He has kept my tears and cries, and He pours the blessed rains of  Heaven on my head.I stand in the pastures verdantly abundant.I hold up my hands and let the grace flow down my arms and over my soul.


  1. What a lovely space! I look forward to reading your thoughts along your journey.