Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ivory Towers part 2

There's a tiny girl waiting there. Innocence stolen. Caged in by shame, and guilt, and fear. She doesn't know  she's loved and cherished. Before her steps were steady they started to burden down her feet and heart. Before she had words; her tears were unseen, unheard.

I want to hold that little girl. I want to tell her it's alright because Papa God loves her so, and He will cherish and protect. I need stretch out the adult hand to Papa God and through my tears search His face for the Truth of that.

At times my heart cannot contain the joy at glimpses of His endless grace and loving-ness. My heart must know the Truth. I believe the Truth was woven in my soul when God formed my bones in my mothers womb, and so the heart hopes and the heart seeks.

The veil has been sewn up by those whose cruel hands attempted to steal Truth from the childs heart. They could not do that, the key is safe in Papas' loving hands. So instead they stitched the veil he rent with Grace. They pulled on the jagged edges to remind the child. Hours on end.Time without meaning.

Those Holy hands will never un-gently pull and tear. But oh so softly in the times I do not even sense, in the places sacred to Him they slowly unfold the veil. I melt when I grasp His tenderness, how can I ever BE: without Him.

I begin to see how tenderly He holds that tiny precious girl in His arms. I start to believe that Faith is the new language I will learn. The words so sweet they drip as Heavenly nectar to my parch-ed soul.

Soon, and very soon I will hold the hand of that tiny girl and we will nestle under Papas wings together.

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  1. I have no words...I so love that little glad she is safe now..(: